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Electrical Plug In Instruction Guide
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Electrical Plug In Instruction Guide

Follow this simple guide to make the perfect fragranced plug in!

Before handling any of the igredients, please familiarise yourself with the fragrance oil chemicals & hazards, & wear the appropriate PPE (ie apron, goggles, gas mask, gloves) as stated in the Safety Data Sheet.

How to make a fragranced plug in:

-          Apply gloves

-          Choose your working area & cover any surfaces with a protective sheet (kitchen roll, newspaper etc)

-          Before we begin, ensure that you have all the components separate to one another

-          Using a (small) measuring jug or pipette, pour out 10ml of fragrance oil

-          Carefully pour this into the plug in bottle

-          You will now need to repeat the process, but use 30ml of your base oil

-          Gently pour this into the plug in bottle

-          Your bottle should now be almost full, however ensure that the liquid is not in the neck of the bottle

-          Slot the transparent bung in to the neck of the bottle

-          Now slide in the long white diffuser stick

-          Apply the white washer over the diffuser stick, so it rests on the transparent bung

-          The final step is adding the lid, ensure this is screwed on tightly, so the liquid does not leak

-          This is how your diffuser should be transported (along with the plug)

-          To activate the product, simply remove the bottle lid & slot the diffuser stick into the plug

-          Your plug in is now ready to plug in, to select the level of strength you are wanting your plug in to diffuse, slide across the tab on the 1-5 meter (1 being the lowest & 5 being the highest)

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1 – separate all your components

-          After applying gloves & protecting your work surface, it’s time to separate all of your products

-          First we will be filling the bottle, so we need a small jug / pipette to hand, as well as your chosen fragrance oil & base oil

Step 2 – filling your bottle with fragrance

-          Gently pour in 10ml of your chosen fragrance oil

Step 3 – filling your bottle with diffuser base

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