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Step By Step Wax Melt Making Guide
By December 06, 2018 2 Comment

Step By Step Wax Melt Making Guide

Our wax melt making guide is a must read for beginners interested in creating your own wax melts

Key ingredients:
• Candle Wax
• Fragrance Oils
• Candle Dyes
• Clamshells

Additional items:
• Cooker or heart source to melt the wax
• Container to melt the wax in such as a double boiler or a pan inside a pan
• Pouring jug
• Utensil to stir the wax
• Thermometer

Most of these items are available in our Miscellaneous section.

Now let’s get started with the exciting craft of candle making!

Step 1: The wax – Ensure you have chosen a pillar blend wax, pillar blend wax shrinks when it is cooled making it ideal for wax melts. Kerasoy pillar blend is the preferred wax for making wax melts.

Step 2: Heating the wax – Empty your pillar blend wax into your heating pot. Gently heat your wax to 65°C whilst stirring gently. Do not exceed 70°C.

Step 3: Colour – Once your wax has reached 65°C, add your candle dye chips, or liquid candle dye. Stir gently until all the colour has dissolved and spread evenly. We suggest using 0.2%, therefore a 10 g of dye will colour 5 kg of  wax.

Step 4: Fragrance – We suggest to add 10% fragrance oil, so if you are working with 1 kg of wax, we suggest to add 100 gram of oil. Have the correct amount of fragrance measured out ready to add. Once the wax reaches 65°C, take off the heat and add 10% fragrance oil and stir thoroughly.

Step 5: Pouring – Now all your ingredients are mixed, continue stirring until your wax reaches 55°C. Once this temperature is reached, it is time to pour the wax into your clamshells until filled. It is important gently pour into your clamshells to avoid air bubbles.

Step 6: Curing – Allow your wax melts to set for at least 3 hours before closing the clamshell lids. Give your wax melts at least 3 days curing time for best possible scent throw.

Please note, our wax melt making guide is a general starter guide for beginners into melt making. Variations in waxes, fragrances and dyes can all effect the finished product, what works for some melts may not work as well for others.

The key to great melts is trial and error.

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      Leanne Hall
      Jan 29, 2020

      At what temperature do i add fragrance oil to the wax for wax melts?

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      Feb 15, 2020

      I would also like to know at what temperature you add the scent please ????

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